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Now Magazine’s Readers Choice Awards 2019

Thank you Toronto for voting Tabule “Best Middle Eastern” and “Best Falafel” in Now Magazine’s Readers Choice Awards for 2019! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Best Middle Eastern

“Great Middle Eastern food is by no means in short supply in Toronto, but no one does it quite like Tabue. Chef Rony Goraichy’s group of eateries puts major flavour into Lebanese classics, and the sophisticated atmosphere sets them apart. Bring the magic home with takeout, or try Tabule’s take on brunch at sister spot Souk Tabule.”

Best Falaffel

Falafels dry, crumbly and bland? Not so at Tabule’s kitchens (in Leslieville, Midtown and Bayview Village, plus spin-off Souk Tabule in the Canary District), where chef Rony Goraichy makes magic out of humble chickpeas and favas. Get ‘em as an app or a main (accompanied by grilled veggies and brown lentils with rice).” 

Restaurant Review: Tabule

I am surprised it has taken me so long to make my way to Tabule Middle Eastern restaurant.  There are two locations in Toronto, one in midtown and the other in Riverside.  Upon stepping into the restaurant, I was immediately impressed.  The decor and lighting mixed modern with rustic to create a cozy ambience.  Traditional Middle Eastern music is playing softly in the background to further add to the atmosphere.  I am greeted by owner, Diana Sideris, who is extremely warm and welcoming.  She guides me to a table in the back and leaves me to peruse the menu.

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Photo Credit: Rachael

Tabule | Where Jess Ate

Since Mike and I had not eaten lunch yet before going to La Bambache to pick up some macarons, our plan was to grab a sandwich and quiche for lunch. Sadly, they were out of sandwiches so we decided to go elsewhere for lunch. After walking down Yonge street, we came across Tabule and decided to check it out. Our first pick was the Babaganuj – pureed bbq eggplant mixed with Lebanese tahini, garlic and fresh lemon juice. This was an easy choice since we both love eggplant… especially in the form of babaganjuj.

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Photo Credit: Jess